Fast Boats

Rocky Fast Cruise Boat

Rocky Fast Cruise Boat is One of the most recommended fast boat transfer from Bali to Nusa Lembongan. The company has been established with strong management. Rocky Fast cruise offers a daily departu [...]

Kuda Hitam Express Boat

Kuda Hitam Express Boat is the fast boat that operates daily from Amed. The boat departs in the morning at 09.00 Am from Jemeluk Beach in Amed. Amed is about 4 hours drive from Kuta and Legian. [...]

Mahi Mahi Fast Boat

Mahi Mahi Fast Boat offers a new branding boat with 75 passengers and totally fiberglass boat. The company has been set up a strong teamwork to set better services to the clients, at the moment M [...]

Marina Srikandi Fast Boat

Marina Srikandi Fast Boat offers daily transfers from Serangan (Bali) to Gili islands and Lombok. Under a local management, the company has rapidly developed in serving the transfers between [...]

Semayaone Fast Cruise Boat

Semayaone fast Cruise Boat has been run two different boat capacity at the moment, Semaya One Romantica with the capacity 80 passengers and The Royal Semayaone with capacity 60 passengers. Both boats [...]

Wahana Gili Ocean Fast Boat

Wahana Gili Ocean fast Boat has been running since 2010 with the boat capacity 32 passengers. Since 2016 up to present, Wahana Gili Ocean runs their new boat with the capacity 180 passengers. The [...]

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