Gili Trawangan Island, North Lombok

Gili Trawangan is the largest island of the group of Gili Islands in the north of Lombok. The Island is much lighter in the last 7 years and becomes the most favorite tourist destination. On the island, you will not find cars, Motor Bikes. There are only horse carts and bicycles to help you around.

The Island is under the control of the North Lombok regency. It is in a group of Islands in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Gili Islands are the iconic tourist destination in Lombok, therefore the development emphasis on Gili Islands.

Gili Trawangan is famous for its underwater marine life. The beautiful white sandy beaches with crystal clear water make it perfect to spend your holiday. There you can also enjoy the best nightlife, beautiful sundown, and many more.

Gili Trawangan Indonesia

Getting to Gili Trawangan

There are the best ways to get to the island, from Bali or Lombok. Here below are the recommended transfers to get to Gili Trawangan. 

Best Ways to get there:

  • Flight from Bali to Lombok, and then getting on a taxi or car from the Airport to Bangsal. After that, take a local boat from Bangsal for 30 minutes.
  • Ferry from Padang Bai to Lombok. It will take about 5 to 6 hours to get to Lembar harbor in Lombok. After arriving in Lembar, you can get a taxi to Bangsal for 1 1/2 hours. And then get on the boat to the island.
  • Take a Fast Boat from Bali. The fast boat to Gili is the best way to reach the island at the moment. The fast boat can take you directly to the island. The fast boat from Bali will spend approximately 1 1/2 hours.

Fast boat to Gili Trawangan will include hotel transfers for some specific areas in Bali. The fast boat also offers two departures from many harbors in Bali. Choose to take a fast boat from Serangan, Sanur, and Benoa if you stay in the South Bali area.

If you stay in Ubud, you can choose to book a boat from Padang Bai. However, you can also take a boat from Padang Bai if you stay in Kuta or Legian.

Gili Trawangan Island Fast Boat

Accommodations and Restaurants

Accommodations on the island are available in many types. accommodations. There are backpackers and the middle class the star hotels. The rate of accommodations is depending on the season and the kind of accommodations.

It is not really hard to find accommodation as they are spread around the island. Choose the hotel and book a suitable one with your budget. In peak season, you need to book in advance through online booking sites such as or

Five-star hotels are mostly located in the South to the West of the island. Turn on the left when you get off the boat. And the backpackers to the middle class are most in the center of the Island. While on the Northside are also some star Hotels.

Restaurants are also spread around from local food (Nasi Bungkus) to western cuisine. The popular seafood restaurants are Scallywags and Beach House. There are also available at the art market in Gili Trawangan, they open only at night.

Sunset on Gili Trawangan

Recommend Activities

The Island offers the best underwater marine life, beautiful sandy beaches, and crystal-clear water. There you can do many water activities, here below are some recommendations:

  • Diving and Snorkeling are the most popular activities to do. Gili Trawangan offers some beautiful dive spots like Shark point, Manta Point, and many others.  For snorkeling and sunbathing, you can do in the Northeast of the island.
  • Boat touring to other Gilis, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. This boat tour offers you some snorkeling activity on the other islands.
  • Peddle and kayaking and turtles feed on the north side of the Island.
  • Bicycling or horsecart around the Island. Rent a bike and ride for 1 1/2 hours around the island. Horsecart is also possible to rent. 
  • Sunset and horse riding. The island offers beautiful sundown with the background of Gunung Agung (Mount Agung) in Bali. You may also do horse riding here.
  • Yoga or relax with some massage and SPA  on the Island.
  • Night live on the Island. Gili Trawangan is known as a Party Island, live music and DJs are available on the Island. Dj's night schedules on the Island, Blue Marlin on Monday night, Irish Bar on Wednesday night. Live music is available at Sama Sama Reggae Bar. Villa Ombak Restaurant for the best pop live music on the Island.

Note: The above is our recommended activities, there may some other activities on the island. Get your best in your own way.

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