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Lombok is the magnification Island located on the east of Bali, Lombok offers a beautiful nature, Beaches, culture and its tradition, one of the things we have to know about Lombok is a unique wedding ceremony or Local call “Nyongkolan” , when You get married with a Sasaknese(tribe of Lombok) girl you have to do that, Nyongkolan is a  tradition from their ancestor in Lombok and it still exist until nowadays. The process of Nyongkolan is aims to introduce the bride and groom to the public, if they are married, the process is follow by the villagers on the traditional clothes with the traditional music” Gendang Beleq” in generally they hold it on Sunday afternoon.

Accommodations and Restaurants

The main tourism in Lombok is Senggigi, most tourism facility are setting up here, Hotels are  at any budget, from Backpackers, midrange to the Star are all available here, some others are location in Mataram (the capital city of Lombok),about 20 minutes from Senggigi and also Kuta Beach, about 2 hours from Senggigi. Restaurant are easy to find, local food (most Indonesian looking for  Pelecing Kangkung/ spicy spinach water), western cuisine .

Activities on Lombok Island

Tours are the most preferred activity on the Island. Mount Rinjani trekking, surfing, snorkeling also recommended activity. See on the menu Things to Do for details.

Best Places to Visit in Lombok 
  1. Bukit Tunak

Bukit Tunak is located in South Lombok about three hours from from Senggigi by car. Bukit Tunak is  well known as one of most beautiful rocks which is stay steady in the southern Lombok, to see this beautiful places you need to rent a car or you can book a day tour with some trusted travel agencies. 

A rock which is strong constantly hit by the waves of the Indian Ocean. Contour coral like the turtle called Gili Turtle, off the coast of Natural Park of Mount Steady, South Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.


  1. Seger Beach

Seger Beach is located just 2 Kilometres east coast of Kuta Lombok. Seger Beach also has a coastline that is equal to Kuta Beach. Distance from Lombok International Airport in Praya towards Seger Beach about 30 minutes by taxi, travel services, or car, considering there is no public transportation passes Seger Beach location. While the city of mataram will cover the distance of about 52 km and the estimated time of approximately 50 minutes to the beach Seger. If, the position we are in Senggigi Beach tourist area will be further mileage to get to Seger Beach in Central Lombok, the time it takes approximately 2 hours drive.

Not only the landscape is still beautiful and beautiful, but we can also enjoy the underwater scenery is amazing. As with other beach activities, we may be able to do various activities such beaches on the coast of Lombok Seger, such as sunbathing, swimming, surfing and of course, we could see the sunset. To go to the beach Seger, we live direct routes to tourist sites Kuta Beach.

Seger Beach is a pristine beaches and unique because in addition to white sand and has a panoramic view of the hills typical beaches of Lombok middle of the south, the beach is also featuring panoramic rock protruding from the sea is often called the Stone Tengkong (stone mushroom) which can be achieved by a visitor during low tides.

  1. Tanjung Ann

One place that should be included in the list of Lombok travel you is Pantai Tanjung Aan, home of the Princess Mandalika. The beach is directly opposite the Indian Ocean, and has a coastline of approximately 2 Kilometer. One thing that is different when you step on the foot of Tanjung Aan, namely sand. Unlike other Lombok Beach, sand Pantai Tanjung Aan is round like pepper.

Tanjung is a very appropriate for those who like air-snorkling and swimming. Because the waves are fairly quiet with relatively shallow depths. If you forgot to bring your equipment, snorkeling equipment rental are available on the beach. By late afternoon sea levels will begin to rise.

Tanjung Aan is located approximately 75 Kilometers from the city of Mataram, or about 3 Kilometers from Kuta Beach Lombok. If you use a private vehicle from Mataram City, the trip you will travel for approximately 1.5 hours. Route Mataram - Cakranegara - Kediri - Praya - Batunyale - Sengkol - Rambitan - Sade - last Kuta and Tanjung Aan. It is recommended that you hire a motorbike or car from Mataram. Because public transportation will waste your time and relatively hassle. 

  1. Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is one of the attractive beaches located in South Lombok, beaches have white sand and interspersed small mountain in the middle of the sea offers keindahaan were so exotic. The sand is white and the waves are spoiling us is very much enjoy doing local and foreign travelers.

To visit Kuta beach, you need to rent a car, motorcycle or even booking a tour through a trusted travel agent. Travelling from Mataram or Senggigi bias take 2 hours or if you are a passenger plane and about to go straight to the Kuta then the distance from the airport takes about 1 hour.

There are several places to stay you might need to know, from starred hotels to home stays almost all here. Restaurant serves a variety of food menus; European or Indonesian cuisine. For hotel booking you can booking directly to the hotel or can be through online bookings reliable.

You can also enjoy the sunrise here and while enjoying the quietness of the sea water in the morning and also you Dapa rent horses for riding.

Getting to Lombok

Fast boat is the best way to get to Lombok from Bali as the fast boat to Gili offer a direct service to Senggigi in 1 ½ hours. You can book  Fast Boat to Lombok (Senggigi) from Bali, choose the direct fast boat operators. Flight from Denpasar Airport to Lombok Airport and get on the taxi for 1 ½ hours to Senggigi. A 5 hours slow ferry from Padang Bai and 1 hour on the shuttle to Senggigi.

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