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This trip is not recommended for pregnant, heart attack, etc!

Gili Air

Gili Air is part of the three Gili Islands in the North Lombok regency. It's the popular island after Gili Trawangan, especially with the beautiful marine life. Most of the people on the island are working in the tourism area, but some are Fishermans.

One thing that you can not find on other Gilis is the fishermen come up early morning with their fish. It is almost every day they sell fresh fish on the beachside nearest the harbor. So when you have seafood on Gili Air, they must be coming fresh from the sea.

The island also offers beautiful white sandy beaches with crystal clear water. Stunning sundown will be your beautiful end day on the island. Gili Air is the perfect choice to escape from your busiest day home.

Getting to Gili Air

The best way to get to Gili Air is by taking a  fast boat from Bali to Gili Air, fast boat offers a direct service to the Island or if you are in Lombok, take a taxi to Bangsal and get on the local boat to Gili Air.

We also offer some great deals for a speed boat from Lombok to Gili Air at the lowest price with scheduled four times a day, starting from 08.00 AM. To Book the ticket for the cheapest speed boat from Lombok to Gili Air you can go to the search box and find the route from Lombok to Gili Air.

Most Fast boats are landing on the island from Bali and they also do pick up on the beach of Gili Air every day, so not really worried when you are on Gili Air and expect to go from Gili Air to Bali. We always offer an easy way to get to the Island of paradise Gili Air.

Best Activities

The most preferred activity is Diving and snorkeling. Gili Air offers a beautiful underwater life such as colorful fish. The best spot for snorkeling is on the Eastside of the island.

Dive spots are also found in the Northeast of the island. There you can find good visibility dive sites. Colorful fishes and beautiful corals are famous on the island. There is some dive center around, the price is the same as they have an agreement.

Other activities you may do are fishing, glass-bottom boat around the island. You can also just swim and relax on the beach. For the glass bottom boat tour, you can find them on the street.

Accommodations and Restaurants

The accommodations on the island are from backpackers to midrange Hotels. There are also some villas spread around the island. For the best hotel arrangement, you can book in advance.

In the high season, most hotels are busy, it is hard sometimes to find. So it is better to arrange it in advance. The high season is between June to August. Some are coming from the mid of December to the middle of January every year.

Restaurants are also serving local and western cuisine. Some best restaurants such as 7 Seas, Schaliwags offer great cuisine. Most of the restaurants are on the beachside.

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