Tanjung Bloam

Tanjung Bloam is located on the East Lombok, it is 2 1/2 hours from Senggigi or Mataram. The beautiful rocks shape with a beautiful scenery make it one of the destination you have to visit during the vacation in Lombok Island. Tanjung Bloam is stay close to Tanjung Ringgit and Pink Beach (Pantai Pink).

Tanjung Bloam is a much natural and still not many visitors like in the others places in Lombok. To get to this place you can use motor bike or car from Maratam or Senggiigi, drive about 2 1/2 hours to the east Lombok via Central Lombok and the Jero Waru Village and the best tiime is in the morning. 

The road condition is quite bad out of Jero Waru Village, you need to drive a long the unpaved road for about 5km and then park you car on the road side, walk about 1km to the spot. If you use motor bike you can take with you in, drive for 15 minutes with small road. 

Just about 300m from the rocks, there is Jeeva Bloam Resort with the beautiful private beach front, stay on the North side of the rocks this resort is the only one found here. The Resort seems to be peacefull and much relaxing. 

Tanjung Bloam is a one of the best spot for having sunrise in the East Lombok. But you need to stay overnight there or start early in the morning about 03.30 AM, from Senggigi or Mataram or some of travelers they do camp over here.

If you are in Bali at the moment and wish to see this beautiful beach, there are are option og getting to Lombok, by Plane and Fast Boat or Ferry. If you get on the pplane from Bali, you will need 30 minutes at maximum and then from Lombok International Airport getting on the car about 2 hours. Fast Boat is also the easy way to get to Lombok, choose the one depart from Padang Bai or Sanur in the morning. Then get off in Senggigi, Bangsal or Teluk Nare and then take private car from the harbor to Tanjung Bloam. Ferry also is the good choice of your traveling from Bali, but you need 5 hours on the Ferry from Bali, so you may be not enogh time to visit this place stright. Need to stay over night in Mataram, Senggigi or Kuta and do the trip for next day.

Boat to Lombok from Bali can be easily find, you may also book the fast boat online with us for the special offer and we will do some tour arrangment to Tanjung Bloam. This is could be visit some more interesting places or tourist destination on the East Lombok.

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