Gili Air Port

Gili Air Port is located on the main public port on Gili Air or exactly in front of Ocean Five Dive Center, this port is the main port for any sea activities such as local boat transfer from Lombok,Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno,  boat from Padang Bai, Boat from Amed, Serangan and Sanur.

Located on the North Lombok and under the North Lombok district Gili Air has come light for all tourism business, the boat from Bali or Lombok are coming straight to the Island and bring more than 100 visitors per day. Gili Air port has become busy in the last few years, numbers of visitors are rapidly increasing every year. The port itself has is busy almost whole day.

Getting to Gili Air by fast boat will take about 1 ½ hours  from Padang Bai and 3 hours from Serangan or Sanur. And if you are in Lombok and hopping to go to Gili Air, it takes 25 minutes with the local boat from Bangsal and less than 10 minutes by speed boat from Teluk Nare and about 20 minutes from Senggigi port.  When you are on Gili Air and want to catch the boat, you walk on foot if you are not in hurry or get on the horse cart to theGili Air port. Remember that all fast boat operator are not providing the free transfers on Gili Air, so you have to come by yourself to the port and if you take the horse cart, you have to pay by your own to the horse cart driver.

Accommodations near Gili Air port are available like Ocean five bungalow, 7 seas bungalow, villa Karang. These accommodations are close to the port. So you are easy to reach the port by foot if you stay around here.

Always show your ticket to the right fast boat operator, read your ticket and see the fast boat operator’s names on your ticket to avoid people are trying to scams you and asking to buy another ticket. Contacts are on the top of your ticket, both operators and ours so don’t need to be hurry. Ask us if you find a problem.  Talk direct to the boat operator on the beach if not really clear.

Most fast boat have no office on Gili Air so you have to wait the boat coming and check in direct to the boat staff or a man who organize the check in on the Gili Air port.

Gili Air port is always busy in the morning and afternoon as well. As the morning time the port situation are busy by boat uploading the passengers. So you need to be more  wait until the boat operator staff finish their uploading passengers. always offer special price for Gili Fast Boat tickets from Bali to Gili Air,go to search box to book and find the best price you want. See also the list of fast boat from Bali to Gili Air for the information details of boats.

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