• Sembalun Village
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Sembalun Village

Sembalun Village is located on the East Lombok. It is laying on the foot of Rinjani Mountain. This village is one of popular gateway for Rinjani Trekking. The beautiful scenery and the fresh air over the village made this one of popular tourist destination in Lombok. 

The most population are farmers, they are very strong believing in tradition or culture. In Sembalun you will see many things, such as strawberry farm and other crops of Palawija.

The villagers also present the traditional gameplay every evening which is called Permainan Gasing. The other best thing you can do here is having sunset or sunrise from the small hill named Bukit Selong

It is a beautiful viewing in the morning, sunrise coming over the foothill of Rinjani mountain. And the rice field formation makes it more beautiful. In the evening, you will have the sunset from Bukit Selong as well. Right in front of you speared the traditional houses of Lombok and the background is Mount Rinjani.

Hiking to Pergasingan Hill

Pergasingan Hill or Bukit Pergasingan is also located in Sembalun Village. It is exactly on the east side of the village. This hill is taking about 3 hours climbing from Sembalun Village.

Here you will enjoy the spectacular view of Sembalun and the farm with the background Mount Rinjani. This is a good choice if you have not so much time to climb Rinjani. Here you have to overnight, camping while enjoys the beautiful night.

If you love landscape photography, Pergasingan hill is one of the best spots in Lombok. Here you can have shots for daylight, sunset, night shot, and sunrise. The best time to visit this place is from April to September.

Getting to Sembalun Village

Getting to Sembalun is not difficult, you can choose your own way with the motorbike or join some tour operators. The road condition is very good.

If you stay on Gili Islands and want to do a trip to Sembalun. Firstly you have to arrange the boat from Gili islands. And then rent a motorbike in Bangsal or book in advance with the tour operator.

The trip from Gili islands will take 3 hours in total to get Sembalun. If you are in Senggigi or Mataram it will take about 3 to 3 1/2 hours. Depend on how you ride.

If you plan to go directly to Sembalun from Bali, the best thing is using a fast boat to Gili. Asking to drop off in Bangsal, and then arrange the transfers from Bangsal to Sembalun.

Accommodation and Restaurants

Accommodations and Restaurants are available in Sembalun. The homestays, Bungalows to the mid-range hotels can find around. To book the accommodation, you can book direct or book through some online booking sites.

The restaurant is available here, western foods and local food or Seafood are spread around the village. Most restaurants are open daily until 12.00 pm, you can find them along the way down the village.

Waterfall Tours Around Sembalun

There are some waterfalls in Sembalun, such as Mangku Sakti Waterfall, Mangku Kodek, Dewi Selendand Waterfall, and many more. Getting to waterfall may need to get on the bike, as the road is pretty hard to get each waterfall.

It is always beautiful down to the waterfall, drive through the coffee farm and also forest. The waterfalls are not very touristic, so you can enjoy your time having good vibes here.

If you are having difficult to get there, you can also email us for the tour arrangements. We always happy to help you.

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